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Buying Emergency Food and Survival Kits

03 October
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Buying Emergency Food and Survival Kits.


You could be anywhere when a major hazardous situation happens, at work away from home and your family. The number one thing for most people is to find your family, How will you? Will your children be safe? how will you know?  Disasters and emergencies can strike quickly and with little warning and can force you to evacuate your neighborhood or confine you to your home.

Emergency Food and Survival Kits.

What would you do if basic needed services like water, power to keep your food cold, was cut off or telephone service failed.Local officials and relief workers will be on the scene after a disaster, but they cannot respond to everyone immediately. You can cope with disaster by preparing in advance and by working with your family as a team. Its important it make the necessary preparations to protect you and your family at these critical times.

Emergency Food and Survival Kits.

Buying Emergency Food and supplies may be a wise choice when preparing for unknown disaster.  Legacy Premium Food Storage is a company that sells gourmet emergency food for indoors or outdoors, water filter bottles, survival kits, and solar powered solutions for any emergency situation you may be facing at the time.

"buying emergency food and survival kits"

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Emergency Food and Survival Kits when disaster strikes.

Just think about it. What if you were in an emergency situation where basic needs like food, water, and power were not available for many hour. Moving around in the dark and praying for power to return was not the family plan I would have hoped in hind site. In Florida where I have experienced many power outages which are common due to storms, and hurricanes that produce rain bans for up to 9 hours. Personal experience dictates how critical this is  especially when you have young children to take care of and no way to locate food.  Having an emergency survival kit can ensure your peace of mind when trouble hit in just knowing you are prepared.  Legacy Premium Food Storage has many survival kits of all kind and for all needs. their Emergency Food Storage kit below.


"buying emergency food and survival kits"

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Emergency Food and Survival Kits.

The Emergency Food storage pack has a vast variety of  food packages and they range from the smallest 90 servings bucket that includes: (30)Breakfasts, (30)Lunches, (30)Dinners to the largest 6,480 servings per package that will provide 3 servings per day for 6 people for one full year.    Here’s a list of  breakfasts and entrees included in the 90 serving package:

Breakfast –  Multi-grain cereal, strawberry creamy wheat, and oatmeal with brown sugar.

Entrees –  Pasta alfredo, Chicken a la King, Lasagna, Cheese and Brocoli bake, Stroganoff, Pasta Primavera, Cheesy Potato soup mix, Enchilada with beans and rice, and your classic Chili mix.

They also have a Family Entree Sample Pack to try out and test taste some of their meals.  This sample pack is also great for campouts, hiking, or even a three day emergency kit.

If you want to find out more about buying emergency food and survival kits from CLICK HERE.

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Buying Emergency Food and Survival Kits


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