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The Star of Bethlehem

24 December

The Star of Bethlehem  How to get rid of stress and anxiety this Christmas Source: online Star of Bethlehem on the birth of Christ – A Gift for Jesus? What is the reason for the Christmas season we celebrate every year? Christmas is a special time of year. All the lights, to me reflect the goodness, the […]

The watchman forewarns of impending danger.

18 December

The Watchman Forewarns of Danger The Watchman’s warning of Danger. The purpose of the watchman is to inform others of imminent danger. The danger may be deadly and may cause great harm. He sound the trumpet, so to speak, giving you warning. Allowing you the opportunity to change course. If you think about it, a […]

“The Kingdom Of Heaven Is At Hand” – Voice of the one crying in the wilderness.

06 October
"The Kingdom of heaven is at hand"

“The Kingdom Of Heaven Is At Hand” “The Kingdom Of Heaven is near” “The Kingdom Of Heaven Is At Hand” What Kind of man was John the Baptist? Did he seek to please men? was he a follower of men? No, not hardly, in fact he was the opposite. He followed God. If you follow God, […]