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CLEAN HUMOR – Hilarious Comedians

27 September
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CLEAN HUMOR – Hilarious Comedians 

"Tim Hawkins

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“Tim Hawkins”


Clean humor is something that has become difficult to find. Not only humor but clean speech is rare these days. I have two children and sometimes it seems you can’t go anywhere without catching the tail end of unclean profanity.  You might have experienced it sitting with your children and felt the discomfort of unsettling language coming from the television. You probably were unable to decide on which program to watch. Many people just give in and conform to the same ideals. But maybe you are “old school” and you refuse to compromise your principles. Well I’m with you so I search and found a handful of hilarious stand up comedians.…. So sit back and enjoy the show. The first comedian we have coming to the stage tonight ladies and gentlemen is our very popular Tim Hawkins lets here it for him folks….. Here’s to clean humor.

Hilarious clean comedians

When it comes to clean humor, Brian Regan has been around for quite some time and he certainly is one of my families favorite all time comedians. You may like this guy. He is witty and his humor resonates with most audiences. Jim Gaffigan is hilarious and a clean comedian. 

We have also watched Jeff Allen in concert and you might like him. He keeps it coming and that’s part of what I look for. Michael Jr. travels around the country and performs not only on television, he also visits prisons, homeless shelters and sick people in hospitals and shares his comedy.  So you have something great to watch anytime. Leave me a comment if you have any suggestions.  Thank you for visiting my blog.

Tim Hawkins Insanitized Songs

Brian Regan – At the Improv – funny jokes

Jim Gaffigan – Mr. Universe – “McDonald’s”

Jeff Allen: Master of Clean Comedy


 Michael Jr Comedy Christian

CLEAN HUMOR – Comedians Brian Regan

"brian regan"

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CLEAN HUMOR – Comedians Brian Regan, Brad Stine and Jeff Allen.

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"jeff allen"

Source: Jeff Allen

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