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Freedom Tower – A New Beginning 9/11

11 September
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Freedom Tower – A New Beginning.

"Freedom tower - A New Beginning 9/11"
Freedom Towers – A New Beginning.

Today marks 11 years since the attacks on the world trade center, the Pentagon and downing of flight 93. A memory that will not be forgotten by America because of the wounds so deeply etched in our souls. As I watched the news today I can remember where I was when the building were hit that morning in 2001. Driving a tractor trailer southbound towards Miami I ignored all the CB radio chatter about planes flying into buildings. My thought was that a small two passenger plane had hit the towers and caused minimal damage. Upon arrival of my destination, I remember Miami had received lots of rain and had several flooded areas, one of which was the paper company I was picking up at that morning. When I entered the shipping office everyone was focused on the new they were watching from a small black and white t.v. which showed the catastrophe I never would of imagined. I was in shock! and fully focused on what was happening.

Freedom tower – A New Beginning.

Millions of Americans have similar stories of that infamous day in American history. The pain and the sorrow of the loved ones lost. Americans continued to build their lives, their futures, the went to war and remove tyrants and freed millions from the hands of wickedness. Now a new symbol has been built to replace the old, a symbol that we must will not remain down. We will rise like the sun in a new beginning.
A New Beginning.

"Freedom tower - A New Beginning 9/11"

Freedom Tower -A New Beginning.

The Freedom Tower can be seen for miles around and though it is not yet completed, it has sparked many conversations about it’s appealing beauty. The tower will top out at 1,776 feet, is estimated to be completed by early 2014. It will represent a beacon of freedom, and demonstrate the resolve of the United States, and the people of New York City. God Bless America!

"Freedom tower - A New Beginning 9/11"

A New Beginning.

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Freedom tower – A New Beginning.


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 Freedom tower – A New Beginning.

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