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So what is Ganoderma anyway?


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The Ganoderma mushroom is also called Reishi by the Japanese, or reffered to as ling-zhi in Cantonese. Another term for Ganoderma is Long-Hen Log Wood Lingzhi. Ganoderma is an herb used in Asian culture between 4000 to 5000 years. It is known at the King of Herbs because of it’s many anti-Cancer fighting properties and the many Health benefits it provides. This musroom usually grows on trees or on logs, and has over 80 different species. Through research Ganoderma is now known to contain effective components such as polysaccharides, organic germanium, triterpenoids, ribotide, and bio-alkaline. Research in China has also shown effective treatment on the cardiovascular system the nervous system and the immune system. the reports have also gone on to suggest the anti cancer effects of Ganoderma. Research suggests that Ganoderma regulates the bodies systems, enhance stability and keeps the body in balance. As an antioxidantGanoderma eliminates toxins, including medication and other drugs which accumulated in the bodies system, thus achieving a detoxification effect. The Ganoderma Species are being researched for potential benefits such as anticancer effects, immunoregulatory effects, antioxidant activities, liver-protecting effects, hypoglycemic effects, antibacterial effects, antiviral effects, antifungal effects, reducing blood cholesterol.


Ganoderma herb of the ruling class.

Ganoderma was available only to the Emperors, the ruling class and the wealthy once it was the almost miraculous healing benefits of the herb. The Emperor pronouced it the “King of all herbs” and It was punishable by death to anyone in the lower class who used it. To the Chinese this herb symbolized long life as documented in their many paintings.

Ganoderma anti cancer effects.

It is well known that modern cancer treatment uses radiation therapy to destroy cancer cells and in the process it destroys the essential cells in the body, such as white blood cells, blood producing cells and others. The cancer cells multiply when  treatment is discontinued in the bodies weaken state. So discontinuing chemotherapy usually leads to the weakening of the body and lowering of the bodies immunity. The use of Ganoderma  helps destroy cancer cells, together with radio therapy and chemotherapy. Ganoderma also fight against the negative effects of radiation and reduces damage of white blood cells, blood producing cells and others. It is said that Ganoderma improve the tolerance of chemotherapy, improve appetite and strengthen immunity. Many patients, with tumors, had their symptoms significantly reduced after using Ganoderma.

Ganoderma mice study.

An Asian research was conducted on mice. Both groups of mice were injected with cancer cells. One group of mice were fed the Ganoderma herb. The research show the mice without Ganoderma developed large amount of cancer cell, ten days later and their lives were threatened.  The group fed with Ganoderma were able to control the growth of cancer and increased their chance of survival astronomically.

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