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How to Make Plaster Molds – easy as one, two, three.

07 October
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How to Make Plaster Molds – easy as one, two, three.

Plaster molds are mostly used for decorations, such as statues and wall decorations or (wall hangings). They come in many forms and sizes. People really enjoy looking at them for their artistic beauty. You might see some statues from time to time in peoples yards. My favorite molds to make are angels, whether Statues or picture frames.

"How to make plaster molds"

Source: online

How to make plaster molds.

Items you will need:

  1. You will need plaster dry mix found at any home improvement warehouse.

  2. You will also need latex plaster Molds. I purchase mine on E-bay and some of the local arts and crafts stores such as Michael’s.

  3. A one gallon bucket.

  4. You will also need a few different color acrylic paints

  5. A paint palet.

  6. A set of cheap fine art brushes, the smaller the better.

  7. You will also need a drop cloth. To save on this item you can purchase a plastic table cloth from any dollar store.

  8.  A make shift sand box. One can be made out of a kitty litter box and the purpose stand the mold in the upright position.

  9. You will need a designated work area.

How to make plaster molds.


"How to make plaster molds"

Source: online

Before you mix the plaster make sure everything is prepared. Have the mold standing upright position and in the sandbox, with the sand gently holding in in place.

How to make plaster molds.

The typical plaster mixes are done at a ratio of 2 parts plaster to 1 part (cold) water.

  • Add 4 cups of plaster to a bucket.

  • Then add two cups of water and mix well. Make sure no mix is sticking  to the sides of the bucket.

  • Gently Pour the plaster in the mold.

  • Gently tap the mold to ensure that bubbles do not stick to the side of the mold.

  • Then level off the excess plaster to make it flat,

  • Using any flat edge surface, using a trawl or a piece of cardboard,

  • Then let it sit for 24 hours in a well ventilated area to ensure it dries well.

  • When removing the plaster object from the latex, be careful not to break pieces off. You will need literally peal it off.

  • Sand down any rough edges and let it dry for 2-3 days.

  • The last step is painting and letting it dry.

Thank you all for reading, I hope you enjoyed this article on how to make plaster molds. I would like to thank Norberto Benitez for the information provided in this blog.

PS: Let me know how yours came out by leaving comment below.

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How to Make Plaster Molds – easy as one, two, three.


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