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King Herod’s Plot to Kill Jesus Christ

26 September
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King Herod’s Plot to Kill Jesus Christ at his birth

This morning I opened up to the book of Mathew chapter two. It tells of King Herod’s plot to kill Jesus Christ at his birth. The chapter is story of Christmas. We are introduced to “Jesus Christ”  during this turbulent period in history. Some of the people are ready for his coming and some displeased by the idea.

"the Lord Christ"

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The wise men search for Jesus

Wise men came from the east to search for Jesus. They had come to Jerusalem and were spreading news that “the King of The Jews” was to be born, in the region. The wise men were attempting to locate the new King of the Jews. Perhaps they felt someone in the crowd had direct knowledge of exact location. The wise men intended to worship the King Jesus when they found him.

The news upset King Herod

The bible says this news upset king Herod and everyone that heard it. In fact the term used was that they had found it “troubling.” It makes you wonder what could have been happening at that time in history why people would be so upset about a baby being born. So much so that the king summoned all the Chief priest, scribes and the people. Sounds like a “town meeting.” I suspect Herod may have heard several stories over the years about the coming of The Messiah, but probably considered it to be a fable and took no notice of it until the news was at his doorstep. It was too close to the home front and the new reality presented a threat to his kingdom.  I imagine Herod must have thought “Something must be done to stop this threat to my kingdom.”

King Herod attempts to deceive the wise men

The Murderous king “Herod” attempts to deceive the wise men who were looking for the birthplace of Jesus. The passage states that Herod “demanded” of the wise men the location where Jesus was to be born! The wise men did not know the location themselves, they only knew the answer was following that bright north star. Herod’s intended to deceive the wise men in order to Kill Jesus. Herod told the wise men to bring back news as to the location so he could then go and worship him as well.

The wise men were men of pure heart

The wise men were men of pure heart. Their intentions were plain to see. They worshiped the king, the Living God in heaven well before he came to earth as a baby. They had relationship with him. The wise men did not yet perceive that King Herod secretly desired to kill Jesus. They didn’t know how threatened he felt by the news of Jesus’s birth. King Herod had to protect his kingdom from being overthrown and he would go to any extreme to do so.

Wise men were warned in a dream

King Herod would later go on to have all the children, two year of age and under, executed. He made that decision when he realized the wise men had deceived him, by refusing to return to him with the location of the baby. The wise men were warned by God in a dream not to return to King Herod. So in his anger, king Herod decided to kill all the children.

A controlling evil leader

Do you know a leader like this? A controlling evil leader. Someone who tries to control every situation. Will they do everything in their power to keep control. look at Saddam Hussein for an example. He was so controlling, that anyone he did not agree with would be killed and bury them in mass graves.

Good leaders are patient

Good leaders are patient. They are slow to anger and quick to hear. You can’t learn anything from someone who will fly off at the handle at any given time. Good leaders lead by example. Good leaders communicate well and patiently teach. People will want to follow a leader like that.

Allow yourself to rest in the Lord Christ, because He is right at the door of your heart knocking. If you enjoyed this blog please help me spread the word. 

Be a reflection of Jesus by sharing your love. Ephesians 5:1 “Therefore Be imitators of God as beloved children.” Father we praise Your Holy Name in the name of Jesus our savior. 

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