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Let Us Be Forever Thankful

23 November
Christmas music that brings peace and healing

Let us be forever Thankful

"Let us be forever Thankful"

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Let us be forever Thankful

Keeping a grateful viewpoint or attitude is not always simple.  But you will always notice the person who is forever thankful.  It seems as though they shine like the stars. The Scripture informs us in Colossians chapter two, we are to be encouraged and to be of one mind in the faith.

By being thankful you unlock the secret assets of the knowledge of The Lord in your existence. The mysterious hidden treasure are available to us when we fellowshipping together with Jesus Christ and making Him The Lord of your life and remaining connected with Him.
Countless people have asked The Lord into their heart, but wrestle to dwell close to him. What several of us don’t comprehend is relationship with God is more than meeting with Him one time each week. It is acquiring a day after day stroll along with the Redeemer (Jesus Christ).

Let us be forever Thankful

We require Godly provision, we need to be spiritual sustained at all times, to grow  spiritually, so we can mature and become spiritual adults. Praising, crying out, communing, worship, reading God’s word, meditation, calling to God. At the same time as we continue in our gathering with The Lord, amazing transformations will occur in our lives.

"Let Us Be forever thankful"

Source: online

Where Self-interest, emptiness and anger exist before we got to know Christ. God’s love, rest, forgiveness and safety sustains us as we develop in Him.
Being Thankful At all times goes hand in hand with trusting God!
As soon as we disregard The Lord and try to venture off our own way, we soon find that the reassurance we had at one time in Christ, has gone missing. That’s why The Creator in John chapter 15 says, “pull nearer to me and I will pull nearer to you. As a stem broken off from the vine can do nothing on it’s own.”

Let us be forever Thankful

As part of God’s family, when you have departed from Christ, you are unproductive and can do nothing. We must go to our source of life, Jesus Christ. Trust Him when he says He is “the way the truth and the life.” The Mighty King, Jesus Christ. In Him we have shelter and redemption through His blood. In Him we have peace unlike any other.

Jesus is the only one who will sustain you, and keep you. Thank Him always!  The Psalms say We are to come into his presents with praise and thanks giving. May the Lord help us to bear one another’s burdens, to pray always, never ceasing and to be thankful always, Amen.



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Let us be forever Thankful

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