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Staying Focused on the Lord Jesus Christ.

20 October
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STAYING FOCUSED on the Lord Jesus Christ.

"Staying Focused on the Lord Jesus Christ."

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Staying Focused on the Lord Jesus Christ.

Colossians 3:1

“If then you were raised with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ is sitting at the right hand of God.”

Have you lost your way in your walk with the Lord? Do you beat yourself up over it like I have? Finding it difficult to get back to where you use to be in your walk with the Lord? Or maybe you never had a close relationship with your Maker! Sometimes we go through life’s storms  and we tend to lose focus and fall off track. We try intently to stay in God’s word, in order that our relationship with him will flourish and lead to fullness of joy. As time passes we find ourselves falling back into old habits, where we started from. I think this song really demonstrates what people of God go through when we fall and we try to pick ourselves up from our brokenness, “we fall down and we get up and the saint is just a sinner who fall’s down and get up.”

Staying Focused on the Lord Jesus Christ.

Donnie McClurkin & Yolanda Adams


 Staying Focused on the Lord Jesus Christ.

You can blame the Devil for it. More likely than not were led away by our own wants and desires. My goal is not to beat you up over it, but to tell you there is a way to help get you back on track and hopefully return to the secret place of the most HIGH.

Most Christians work in the secular workforce. We don’t often receive support to help us flourish in our spiritual walk, when we are in the workplace. Probably never unless  other Christians work with you. Many of us don’t receive spiritual growth at home either.

Staying Focused on the Lord Jesus Christ.

As Christians, we are called to reflect the Light of God or the goodness of what God has done in our hearts, through Jesus Christ. If we are called to reflect the light, it must mean we have this light in us to reflect. Often when we are not filled, we walk around defeated, as if we have low self esteem. Why? Are you being fed spiritually?  Remember this. If a lamp is not plugged in, it has no POWER. Your relationship can and should be much more fulfilling. Nothing less than that is acceptable. So what should you do?

Have you been a member of a men’s or Women’s group before? It’s definitely something you need to take a look at if you are unable attend church regularly, or read the word regularly on your own. But we need to stay focused on the Lord. He is our source of Power.  Why? We become stronger when we fellowship. Being of one mind, being of one body, The Lord Jesus Christ.  We sharpen each other and we feed each other. You and I have the same goals so lets “Seek those things which are above.”

Staying Focused on the Lord Jesus Christ.

I joined a men’s group for more than ten years. We use to meet weekly on a Saturday morning for an hour of fellowship. After greeting each other we Prayed to open our meeting and ask the Lord Jesus to do a work in our hearts. Each of us talked about the events of our week. We ate breakfast and conducted a Bible Study and built great relationships. From time to time our families would get together for dinner. Now I have bible studies with my family and it blesses us all.

The great thing about a men’s or women’s group is your prayer life increases and flourishes. That day is usually the best day of your week. Attitudes changed. Focus became less of a problem. It create a richer and fuller relationship with the Lord and you will become more confident in your walk with Him. It will also benefit you in seeing the Lord work through the other members of your bible study.

Stay Focused on the Lord Jesus Christ.

If we can learn to set our minds on things above, There isn’t anything that will be impossible for us. Remain focused in The Lord Jesus Christ and He will draw close to you. He will lift you on High. Then your joy will be full and you will experience the richness and fullness of Jesus Christ. I hope this Article helps and blesses you. God Bless you, Amen!


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Staying Focused on the Lord Jesus Christ.


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